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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  November 25, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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i'll let you know how long this rain will last for your weekend coming up in minutes. fire destroys an historic home today in san jose. the flames engulfed the building on center road just a few blocks south of tully around 9:00 this morning. firefighters say several people called to report the fire, worried that residents were trapped inside. >> our first arriving units arrived on scene in four minutes of the call. they had initially 20-foot flames shooting from the house and heavy fire involvement on the front of the house. they made a quick entry to the rear of the structure to confirm no one was trapped within the building. >> no firefighters or residents were hurt but the house was deemed a complete loss. it was one of the only historic lots in the area and had been standing for 100 years. >> the house is 118 years old and i believe his grandfather built it here. it's a historical house. >> as many as a dozen people are
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out of their homes tonight because of that fire. the cause is under investigation. a south bay family is grieving tonight after nvastating newfrom overseas. a 19-year-old marine from san jose was killed yesterday in afghanistan. he diedn helmand province, a particularly dangerous part of afghanistan. the marine was fighting as part of operation enduring freedom. he was serving with the first combat engineer battalion out of camp pendleton. while many in the bay area are spending the holiday indoors with family tonight, proof that the spirit of thanksgiving knows no limits. as we gather around the tables in our warm homes and in the company of friends, there are many who are spending the day on the streets. as tracy grant shows us, for many, today is not a holiday after all. >> all of this stuff used to fit in carl blair's three-bedroom house in vallejo. now the 55-year-old sleeps in this tent on the side of the
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road and sells what's left of his belongings in order to get by every day. >> lost my job, lost my car, lost my house, lost my wife. that pretty much sums it up. >> reporter: this is how it starts. one homeless man sets up a tent on a spot of land and then often someone else joined him and on and on. blair showed up in this particular location five days ago. >> there's more than just me. there's -- you drive up and down through here, you'll find many, many homeless people. >> reporter: he's right. not even a full block away, there's a homeless encampment. you have to squint to see it through the trees, but it's big enough to house many people and there are more like it through vallejo. this cadillac dealership has been a persistent problem for vallejo law enforcement. there's plenty of space here for homeless encampments to pop up. >> the officer that told me i had to go and was a little rude, in that if i'm not out of here
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in a certain time that he'd pull a dump truck up here and have it all thrown away. >> reporter: in april, 2009, the cadillac dealership had become a full-blown tent city until police shut it down. the city has tried to stay on top of its encampment problem by conducting regular sweeps of certain areas where homeless people tend to hide out. blair says he knows he has to keep moving, but right now he has nowhere to go. in vallejo, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. a 13-year-old oakland boy who received a liver transplant is making good on his promise to help others. michael karaway and his family spent the morning feeding the homeless. michael received a liver transplant two years ago from a teenager killed in an accident. he told his mother he wanted to thank the donor's family by feeding the homeless. >> what the donor gave to me, i can't give back to the family, so that's why i feed the homeless. >> this is the second year of the teen's thanksgiving feast. he and his family have also
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served food to the family throughout the year. we'll have more of michael's story at 6:00. volunteers were out before sunrise in san francisco. thanks to their hard work they provided free meals this thanksgiving. elise kirschner has the story. >> reporter: 100 turkeys cooked. >> a lot of preparation. we have a lot of people getting it ready. >> reporter: starting at 4:00 a.m. on thanksgiving, the preparations begin at the salvation army on harrison street in san francisco. >> basically contributing their time and their energy to help feed senior citizens. >> i think this is our fourth year that we're doing this. it's something that we just look forward to doing. we do it on christmas as well. >> reporter: volunteers like sylvia and her family deliver almost 5,000 meals to those who cannot leave their home. it's all scripted. >> knock, knock, knock. my name is sylvia, i'm here from the salvation army. i have your thanksgiving meal and people are always delighted.
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they open the door, they're very pleased and i feel very good. >> this is part of a continuum of things. we know going into the holiday season that things are tough for people all around. even for us, our financial collections, our fund-raising has already gotten off to a slower start than we're used to. >> reporter: and donations are down 7% compared to last year. the salvation army is hoping that will change. they have several fund-raising events planned over the next month. in san francisco, elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. well, iwouldn't be thanksgiving without the macy's annual parade in new york city. millions watch on television as the rockettes kicked off the holidays leading the way down the parade route. the lineup included a few new giant balloons, including kung fu panda and the diary of a wimpy kid. those balloons need 70 handlers on the ground to keep control them.
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entertainers included kanye west and jessica simpson, but the highlight of the show was santa at the very tail end of the parade. there he is. celebrating the holidays overseas, thousands of american soldiers. the president today took time to personally call ten members of the armed services stationed in iraq and afghanistan. he thanked two people each from the army, air force, coast guard, marine corps and navy. he took time out in his weekly address to honor everyone serving overseas. >> this is not the hardest thanksgiving america has ever faced. but as long as many members of our american family are hurting, we've got to look out for one another. as long as many of our sons and daughters and husbands and wives are at war, they have got to support their mission and honor their service. >> the president celebrated the holiday at the white house joined by his family, friends and staff. nbc's lester holt spent the day with u.s. soldiers at camp eggers in kabul, afghanistan. the military tried to give troops a small taste of home even though they are thousands of miles away.
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>> reporter: well, the lines have been long all afternoon here at camp eggers where they are being treated to a full thanksgiving meal. turkey, roast beef, corn on the cob, you name it. all of the trimmings. great pies here. i asked the manager of the dining hall here, how many people are you going to have? he said i don't know, maybe a thousand. camp eggers is an important base here in kabul. it basically handles the training command for nato, trying to train afghan forces to get up to speed. you'll find troops from marines, navy, air force, army as well as nato troops. here are the guys and ladies all chowing down. how's the food? >> today was great. really enjoyed it. >> who's watching back home? >> well, my wife michelle is with my mother in pittsburgh visiting. my two daughters. >> there they are. >> and katie, she's become a little chef at home. she made some brownies which was awesome. and my sisters and my nieces and nephews. >> that's terrific. anybody you want to say hi to? >> yes, hi to my husband frank
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and my daughter, heather. my grand baby micah and my son, will. >> what's it like being over here during a time like this? >> well, it's a little hard during the holiday, i have to say. >> are these pictures? >> yes. this is my daughter, heather, and this is her two best friends, alex and jackie. they do everything together. so i'd like to shout out to them, happy thanksgiving. >> what's your name? >> joseph bagwell. >> where are you from? >> charleston, south carolina. >> happy thanksgiving. what's your name? >> michael rinrich. >> happy thanksgiving. these guys and ladies are lucky to be here in the dining hall, but they know there are a lot of other troops in this country who were in forward operating bases who won't be having all the trimmings because obviously the business of war goes on day in and day out. we've got a lot of outreach programs here and one of them, they collected a lot of the goody that say people have send, put them together in bags and they distribute them on this thanksgiving day in kabul to kids at an orphanage, so they
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continue the american tradition here even in kabul, afghanistan. that's the story, let's send it back to you. well, what's thanksgiving without a weekend of retail madness? tomorrow there's one black friday deal that's never been done before. >> reporter: who needs to wait for black friday? i'm kimberly tere live in san francisco where the deals and the shopping is well under way. i'll tell you all about it coming up in a live report. from trot to strut to full-on sprint. thousands of turkeys in the south bay laced up their shoes for a very good cause. and good evening, hope you're having a great thanksgiving. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. well, it may be warm and toasty right now right next to that turkey. tonight. another freeze warning in effect. while skies will be clear tomorrow in the south bay at i 11:00 a.m., we are watching a quickly advancingm. i'll have the timeline of what it means for your weekend coming up. av
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it's not your imagination, the holiday shopping season is starting even earlier this year. forget about waiting for black friday. plenty of shoppers broke out their credit cards today. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live in san francisco with more on how the stores are going to great lengths to get the attention of shoppers. kimberly, i get you know exactly where the deals were. >> reporter: well, at walmart, toys r us, sears, k-mart and also we can't forget to mention old navy here and banana republic, all these storese, a lot of them open today giving shoppers black friday deals one day early. here's one way to beat those crowds on black friday, hit the stores on thanksgiving. >> people are really into it.
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i've been to three stores today and every store customers are thankful that we're open. >> reporter: with stores including old navy offering some serious savings today, some shoppers say they can't afford not to be here. >> we had the coupon for today, $10 off of $50. i wanted to buy the christmas jammies so here we are. >> i think it's really, really good. we love shopping. >> reporter: the currys are visiting from scotland. while they don't celebrate thanksgiving, they do celebrate christmas and are happy to start checking off their holiday list. >> i've got these two for my dads, these jumpers here. well, we call them jumpers. you guys call them -- >> sweaters. >> sweaters. yeah. we call them jumpers in scotland, sorry. we've got pants, we've got fleecies. >> reporter: how many presents do you think you have so far? >> four presents. >> reporter: retailers say they're just trying to be open for their customers when their
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customers want to shop. it's a new trend that some shoppers hope becomes a turkey day tradition. >> i think there's a lot of people that don't have things to do on thanksgiving and it makes them more loany, they miss their family. the fact that you can get out early, get the coupons, come out and be around other people is nice. >> reporter: and if you aren't willing to give up that turkey dinner for shopping, never fear. there is always tomorrow, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, but you should expect the crowds. we did stop by a best buy. it opens at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning but there are actually people in line who have been there since wednesday. last night at 9:00 p.m. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. apple is promising to jump on the black friday bandwagon tomorrow. while it hasn't announced what deals it will be offer, it has promised many discounts. last year they announced similar
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deals but the savings weren't spectacular. customers saved about $100 on big ticket items like the macbook pro. this year experts say the discounts will center on the newest item, the ipod. more people are shopping online this holiday season compared to last year. when cyber monday rolls around, there's a lot you should know before giving out your credit card information. it's easy to recognize a scam when you physically walk into a store but it gets trickier online and scammers take advantage of that. >> they're always working throughout the year trying to scam and steal money from people and information. but at this time of year, it actually is increased, because there is so much activity. >> here's some tips to follow to avoid falling for a scam on monday or any cyber shopping day. first shop familiar websites. don't fall for deals from sites you've never heard of. when you're looking through your e-mail, don't click on links with special offers. always go to the site directly. so when do all the stores
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open and what are the best offers out there? we can help with your black friday road map. go to and click on "the feast." it's a cool tool where users help other users to shop, eat and play around the bay area. you can also rank and share your favorites right on our website, a cold thanksgiving for thousands in the sierra foothills still without electricity without last weekend's storm brought down hundreds of power lines. pg&e crews have been working non-stop since monday in nevada city and fireplaces have been going at full force ever since. with no power in addition to no heat, that also means no way to cook thanksgiving dinner for the families who have been out there in the cold. pg&e hopes to have the power restored by tomorrow and let's hope that those folks get that power back soon, jeff, and will be able to salvage their holiday weekend. >> we have another storm coming their way so not good news. right now hopefully people are able to enjoy some of their
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turkey. in this cold weather, it certainly makes it feel like the holidays outside. let's take a lookight now, our freeze warning in effect. this once again a very widespread freeze warning stretching over some 350 miles across the entire state just about here of california. so once again it's going to be cold tonight, but we are looking at those larger changes coming as we head into the weekend. right now our freeze warning in effect for the north bay with isolated 20s expected tonight. also for the east bay as well with isolated 20s. that through friday morning when temperatures will be 28 degrees and below. also a frost advisory for bayside communities with temperatures that will be in the 30s. a little more moisture right near the bay. that certainly could produce some patchy frost. otherwise right now temperatures are cold, but not as cold as they were this time yesterday. that's because we've started to see the atmosphere warming a little bit. 51 in san francisco. i know it doesn't seem that warm, but temperatures are up a little bit.
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53 in sunnyvale, 49 in livermore, 50 in concord and 55 currently in santa rosa. so what are we looking like friday? for all of you shoppers getting ready to head out early, it is going to be a freezing start here for a lot of us. look at this, temperatures in the 20s and 30s for those of you getting an early start. by this weekend, we are looking at more rain coming back into the mix. so here's a look at the satellite loop. for days now it has been pretty much clear here, but the latest front is already starting to line up. it's pretty extensive. tapping into a good amount of moisture. it's pulling up from the southern regions. this cold air dropping down from the canadian region, that's going to continue to push off toward the east. goodbye, good riddance to you. we'll say hello to this cold front as we head into our weekend. it will be bringing rainfall and potentially some heavier rainfall for our higher elevations. as for friday, though, once again it's all about that record cold start. 50s inland. we'll stay try friday and for
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saturday this rainfall will be returning. 6:00 p.m. here on friday we're dry. but as we advance this into 6:00 a.m. on saturday, rainfall returns. that's going to be with us through 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 on saturday. by the afternoon and evening hours on saturday, our forecast models are showing it drying out. so a wet start to your weekend and then we'll see drying from saturday evening into sunday at this point. it's not an entirely wet weekend for us. 6:00 a.m. in the east bay. well, you know it, it's going to be cold out there. temperatures right near 31 degrees. by 11:00 a.m., sunny skies and 46. tomorrow the north bay winds once again with a freeze warning and the coldest temperatures. livermore 28, 34 in san jose and 33 in redwood city. hopefully you had a great thanksgiving. as we look ahead toward friday, temperatures will go up a few degrees. 57 in evergreen, 55 in dublin, 54 in livermore. if you're heading out to san francisco to market street and all of the outdoor shopping,
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certainly bring a jacket, bring the layers, because it's going to feel cool to cold out there. 50 in fairfield, 53 in napa. for the north bay plenty of upper 40s and low 50s. morning time on the weather channel on cable. on the seven-day forecast, that chilly rain on saturday. by sunday we are clearing out. as we head throughout the week, it looks dry right up until wednesday. so bundle up tomorrow and especially if you've heading out to one of those 3:00 a.m. sales. the gloves, the hat, the scarf, all that. >> bundle up. but you know what, nothing gets you fired up like a good deal, right? >> yes, yes. i have to agree. i haven't been able to go out yet because we're here, but maybe tomorrow. well, it has never happened like this before. see what makes this year's turkey trot in san jose different than years past. and -- >> two weeks of dry cough. i had no other symptoms. >> thankful to be alive but she has a health warning to women everywhere. up next, a deadlyssformrm off ca
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fo of cancernd her sympt that sayirtually wt detected.
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it kills more people than breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer combined. the latest research shows lung cancer is attacking more women than ever. >> i had a cough, two weeks of dry cough, no other symptoms. >> reporter: arlene remembers as if it was yesterday the exact date she was diagnosed with lung cancer. october 16th, 1997. >> i was diagnosed with stage 3. >> reporter: in lung cancer, stage 3-a means it's advanced with large tumors which had spread to lymph nodes. >> he said unfortunately statistics, it becomes a 30% chance of survival because it had spread. >> reporter: arlene is among the increasing number of women being diagnosed with lung cancer while the rate of lung cancer among men drops. according to a study by a massachusetts hospital, women make up 60% of lung cancer cases among non-smokers. evidence suggests women may be
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more sensitive than men to carcinogens in cigarettes and secondhand smoke and the female hormone estrogen may elevate a woman's risk for lung cancer. a doctor, the sister of dana reed who died of lung cancer shortly after her hub, christopher reeves passed away. >> a young, vital, healthy, person with a good diet, who comes up with stage 4 lung cancer in their early 40s. it's the largest women's cancer. and it's the least funded, it's the least -- you know, there's the least amount of awareness and there is a huge stigma. >> reporter: the doctor is on the poured of a support group called the lung cancer alliance pushing for more awareness about lung cancer as well as preventive screenings for smokers and those with a family history. >> could really see sizably smaller tumors and follow them with ct scans for a relatively low amount of radiation and low cost, about $300.
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>> reporter: arlene, a former smoker, is a cancer survivor. the doctor is searching to discover why her sister contracted the deadly disease having never smoked and with no family history of lung cancer. >> experts say you should be aware of lung cancer symptoms such as chronic coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain and repeated respiratory infections. up next, running it off. one thanksgiving tradition that is going strong in the south bay.
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the average american gains some six pounds between thanksgiving and new year's and that may be why some decided to start thanksgiving with a good, long run. san jose's sixth annual turkey trot drew a record number of participants. nearly 12,000 people signed up. our very loan lisa kim took on
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the 10k after helping to emcee the event. the turkey trot raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for three charities. thanks for spending part of our afternoon with us. "nightly news" is up next.
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